Dust to Dust

22 May

I knew I was going to be disappointed by the final ever episode of Ashes to Ashes.  Maybe it was because I didn’t watch Life on Mars, so had no attachment to Sam Tyler and his mysterious circumstances, or maybe it was because I had foolishly, excessively become emotionally invested in this series, and nothing was ever going to tie up all the massively loose ends to my satisfaction.

I liked, and had speculated at, the roles of Gene Hunt and Jim Keats, as guardian and satanic figures respectively, and the fact Gene was the dead soldier was something I had guessed at, but could not logistically work out for myself, so I was intrigued by that aspect of the narrative.  And I really did enjoy the episode; it was complex, made me experience far too much anxiety for a Friday night, and was certainly thought provoking.

However… I am sorry, but I am a romantic, and was hoping for a little more of this:

and a little less of Jim Keats throwing things around CID and doing that laugh that will linger with me rather longer than I would like.  In an ideal world, I would have liked Alex to stay with Gene, in his fantasy purgatory existence, a little longer, and for him to admit that yes, he did need her.  As a non-believer, the heaven that Nelson and The Railway Arms presented did not seem as worthy of Alex as Gene himself.  I would have settled for a cliché ending in which Alex was taken back to the most annoying child in the world, Molly, but for her to choose to leave my favourite television pairing of recent times was just too much for me! One measly kiss and she was off, away from the world where it was perpetually 9:06, and crushing my fangirl fantasies with her.

I understand that everything must be concluded, and that Alex needed to follow the correct route in death or there would be room for further questioning etc etc, and I am truly trying to look at the bigger picture, but I can’t help being left feeling as empty as Gene Hunt’s department, rather than satisfied with a finale befitting the tension of the three previous seasons.

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