Nice… personality?

18 Jul

Slayer of my (little) self confidence

Some things in life do not bode well; the fact I looked like an angry, Scottish farmer when I was born, for example.  A further thing that does not bode well is my feedback from the BBC’s Big Personality Test, as curated by the kindly, moustachioed academic Professor Robert Winston .  I think this jolly little table of results speaks for itself.


I tried not to GET NEUROTIC about these results, and obediently listened to all the little videos explaining them to attempt to console myself, and then read the reams of information on each category, and how it applied to me.  I think the most telling statement was this:

‘Scientists would like to know more about the personalities of people with life goals similar to yours.’

After all these years of just thinking I was a bit of a worrier, the BBC have pretty much confirmed my underlying NEUROSES that I am, in fact, some sort of scientific freak who needs studying.  You may be wondering what these mythical ‘life goals’ are. You are probably thinking they must be really loony, which is understandable. Boringly enough, they are that I prioritise family and harmonious relationships over a high powered or hugely influential career, which, for such an apparently disagreeable individual, is surely a good thing.

It’s not like being 100% neurotic came as much of a surprise, as worrying is my first instinct in any given situation.  I watched the video of Winston talking about neuroticism feeling almost proud of my perfect score, until he ruined my life by saying that highly neurotic people need to be equally conscientious to achieve success, as the combination of planning and structure plus nerves and adrenaline gets jobs done accurately and quickly.  This is all very well Rob mate, but  HAVE YOU SEEN MY CONSCIENTIOUSNESS SCORE? You’d be forgiven for missing it as it is so minimal.  I might as well give up now.  With my apparently hugely shoddy organisational skills coupled with my chronic terror of day to day life, I am doomed to fail, have low job satisfaction, poor health (argh) and spoiled relationships forever-more.

My aim is to try to forget about these results by reassuring myself that I am young and hugely inclined to change, grow up, and consequently stop worrying, just in case my horror towards them creates some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, and I end up unemployed and married to my cat when I’m 40.  It’s either that, or writing a snappy letter to the BBC suggesting they either stop being so mean to poor neurotics, or make a television programme where scientists investigate my apparently bizarre ‘life goals’ whilst I get paid lots and lots of money.  Who’d be an extrovert then, BBC?!

NB. They definitely have a point about conscientiousness.  This has been my personal statement for about a week now.  I’m considering just submitting it.

The MA is in the bag.

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