I never thought of it that way

20 Oct

New fringes, vegetable boxes, culinary feats and clean plate awards.

October has, so far at least, been dominated by extensive reading about bleak subjects like epitaphs and collective memories of trauma, due to the fact that I have accidentally taken an MA in Death Studies rather than Literary ones.  Obviously this work has had to fit in with my Autumn television schedule, which at the moment includes Mad Men, Downton Abbey (The Sunday Times featured a quote from my dissertation tutor –  ‘Downton Abbey is dire’ – I was ashamed), A History of Horror, my daily dose of three episodes of Friends a day, Lip Service and, finally, X Factor. Stop judging me.

I love my flat, I love the sweet domestication I have slipped into with Mike after a summer of being mothered, I love cooking and accepting the vegetable box challenge (I refuse to bin a solitary carrot), I love my kind neighbours and I love always having room in the fridge and freezer.  However, I hate the cold and I hate seminars that don’t finish until 7pm and I really, really hate my new student card picture (‘you look like you could be either four or forty, I can’t decide…’).

I will leave with a picture of the romanesco cauliflower I received this morning and at present don’t quite know how to approach, and my favourite statement from my reading so far:


‘Do not fear to remember too much; only be upon your guard not to forget anything that is worthy to be remembered’ – William Godwin.

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