23 Oct

I am at home for the weekend for my monthly (ish) check in with/check up on my parents.  This visit had the ulterior motive of wanting a shopping trip to stock up on warm clothing for my fourth Newcastle winter.  Either I was looking especially shabby and pathetic or my mum was feeling particularly generous, as I now have enough clothing in the wintery hues I long for all summer to save me buying anything new until spring.  How do I know I’m getting old? Other than the fact that I am now a postgraduate student, my favourite purchases of the day came from Marks and Spencer.  A definite sign of maturity.

The rest of my time at home promises plenty of hot drinks, a Sunday dinner and, unfortunately, hours of reading on the sofa to get next week’s university work out of the way.  A day lost to postcolonialism isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I think it’s a bit too soon in the semester to be having to keep out of the firing line in seminars to avoid humiliating ignorance.

Here is a picture of the free pair of ‘gloves’ I found attached to a hat I bought today.  Gloves is maybe being a bit liberal; I think their technical term may be fingerless mittens as they don’t even have the little finger holes of the fingerless gloves coveted by market traders and fairground workers alike.  Anyway, they are completely pointless, but rather nice all the same.

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