Tis the Season

16 Dec

After deleting my Facebook account last Thursday, I have spent the week being extra inventive in thinking up ways to spend my days.  Admittedly, at the top of this mental list of new diversions is probably a renewed interest in Twitter, but I have still almost certainly found myself with a few extra hours to fill.  If only I could cut my Google Reader list by half and give up my habit of watching three episodes of Friends a day, then I could probably do some extra A Levels and get myself a science degree, but I think that’s maybe being a little unrealistic.

(Side note: Anyone who was in my GCSE chemistry class will be only too aware of how unrealistic this wild claim really is, due to Mr Marsh’s terrible, terrible habit of handing the weekly mock exam papers back lowest mark first.  Endless humiliation, no wonder my attendance was so bad.)

Fortunately enough, with little effort from me, my life seems to have become a whirl of commitments of late, not all of which favourable, so I haven’t had to dig out my Ally McBeal box sets for entertainment just yet.  The rapid approach of CHRISTMAS has meant I have had to break out of my usual day to day lethargy and actually organise my life so I can leave Newcastle for a few weeks.  ‘Organise my life’ was used very loosely there, what I mean is ‘and actually take my library books back/plan my essays/print out journal articles/think up and buy gifts/regret that I can’t knit for the third year running/try to use up the contents of my vegetable box.’  I’ve had to make a ‘to do’ list and everything.

These minor yet pressing obligations have been accompanied by really awful ones re: academia, most notably having to do a group presentation (not assessed but compulsory) in the last week of the semester, and preparing plans to show lecturers about essays I really do not ever want to think about.  It’s not all been doom and gloom though, as last night I attended the staff/postgraduate Christmas party, which I was naturally VERY excited about.  I was hoping there was going to be a lot of this:

(minus indoor smoking of course) but it was all a very civilised affair, with a superb buffet and absolutely no dancing or music whatsoever.  I’m so glad I didn’t follow my momentary urge earlier in the day and take some sort of festive apparel with me, as I would have appeared very low-brow and vulgar.  The only gesture towards potential debauchery was the lady who kept refilling my glass of red wine whilst saying ‘would you like some more wine?’ mid-pour.  Of course I would LIKE some, but whether I should have been partaking in a fourth glass was debatable.  Plus, with every sip I was getting increasingly paranoid about getting a severe case of what those of us from Doncaster like to call ‘wine gob’ in front of my superiors.  Overall, it was very nice, but sadly lacking in the hilarious anecdotes I was hoping for due to everyone’s exemplary behaviour.

Tomorrow holds in store my final seminar of the year (two hours of Wuthering Heights, could be worse) and then some MEGA INTENSE XXX CHRISTMAS SHOPPING before I leave Newcastle, as my fine tastes cannot be catered for by Doncaster’s poor excuses for shops.  I should probably go to the library too, but I will almost certainly be filled with previously unknown levels of seasonal good cheer at having completed the semester, so my hopes aren’t high.

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