Guilt Trip

16 Dec

I forgot to mention, either on here or to the individuals in question, that Facebook tries to shame you into not removing your account by revealing a list of your closest friends and telling you they will miss you, accompanied by a photograph of you together.  The only thing that could have made me stay is the image above; how did it know about my love for the photograph in which we all pulled our best Dobby faces (George, having never read/seen/listened when we’ve talked about Harry Potter got it wrong)?  I was thinking though, what if these little warnings popped up in real life when we were about to make a decision? ‘Stephanie, Helena will miss you if you move to Japan’, ‘Hair, Helena will miss you if she cuts you off’ or ‘Folder of work, Helena will miss you if she leaves you on this wall, outside, never to be seen again’ would have all come in very useful at one time or another.  Then again, I didn’t heed this one: there’s always Skype.

I will just end this post by repeating a quote from the film I watched in bed last night when I should have been very much asleep.  It’s from The Wackness, which is less dreadful than its really horrid name, but not amazing all the same.

‘Never trust anyone who doesn’t smoke pot or listen to Dylan.  Never trust anyone who doesn’t like the beach.  Never, EVER, EVER trust anyone who says they don’t like dogs!  You meet someone who doesn’t like dogs, you alert the authorities IMMEDIATELY and you sure as shit don’t MARRY THEM!’



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