We can find new ways of living

20 Dec

Above are the remains of some festive baking I did today.  Yes, ‘I’ did, not my five year old relation, despite appearances. Also, I have no five year old relation to my knowledge, a point that I will address later in this post.  They taste better than they look, honest.

My time at home with my mum and dad has been wholly uneventful so far.  Whereas my friend Alice has been chronicling numerous hilarious parent antics, under the hashtag #livingwithparents, on Twitter, I am struggling to find enough entertainment to put off doing my copious university work.  God forbid I actually make a sensible start on it before the New Year, when I invariably turn to a book with a headache and a heavy heart.  I am thoroughly cheerful though, as heating and fires are roaring away, and we have an unreasonably large Christmas tree to provide constant festive merriment.  The only downside to the tree being that it resides in the lounge, which is bloody freezing.  We’ve taken to living like the peasantry of yore, and only using the warm kitchen, grumbling furiously when we have to leave to go to bed, feeling very jealous of the cat, who gets to stay where he is.

Speaking of whom, hello cat! Sam has been an excellent companion for the past few days, alternating between snoring or meowing at me depending on how awake he is.

Christmas has taken on a previously unknown level of stress in the Sinclair house this year, as my uncle has had to go into hospital, and is only being let out on Boxing Day.  This wouldn’t be an issue if my family wasn’t ridiculously small (I have two 90 year old grandmothers and the aforementioned 60+ uncle, who is unmarried and childless), but the issue of care has fallen to my parents, who are fretting about chaotic journeys to Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital, and making sure both grandmothers have enough food to survive in their housebound states.  May this be a lesson in always having more than one child, and not marrying only children!  Unfortunately, I have been similarly provided with no siblings; I plan to marry someone with plenty, then have a multitude of ginger children to ensure that there is at least one who loves me enough to care for me when/if I reach old age.

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