Lemon out!

23 Dec

I’m feeling pretty festive.  My presents are wrapped, the Christmas food shopping has been done, and I have already eaten one of each Celebration (brief aside: Topics are the most underrated chocolate bar of all time,  except for maybe the Picnic).  As yet, my mince pie count is still zero, as I don’t believe the mini ones I consumed at the English Department Christmas party deserve the title, but I am sure I can remedy that in the next 24 hours.  Tomorrow holds miserable tasks like helping my parents clean and tidy the house, but also cookery based ones that I enjoy, like pre-preparing the chestnut stuffing and peeling the sprouts.  Until I became too cool/fell out with the other girls involved, I used to go carol singing for charity on Christmas Eve, but now I am not 10, I will be going to the pub, but not to get ‘faced,’ as the text inviting me proposed.  The notion of a hangover clouding my Christmas morning glee is wholly unfavourable.

I received a letter in the post from my sixth form learning mentor this morning, which really made my day.  I think one of my resolutions for next year is going to be to try to keep in touch with the people that have made a lasting impression with me, or gone to great lengths to help and support me throughout the strife of my pre-university life.  Who am I kidding? The strife is totally ongoing, but maybe somewhat eased.  Anyway, the delight of receiving a letter that wasn’t from one of my banks or from Virgin Media was wonderful, and I’d like to spread the joy a bit.

In less cheering news, if you like to feel your blood boil, read this article , entitled ‘Want to hold on to your husband? Give him a break!’ on The Daily Mail website (where else?).  Particular highlights include Mary Gold’s sympathy for the poor husbands asked to be present at the birth of their child (they find it ‘stressful), and the badmouthing of both her boss and sister for daring to ask their partners to do some household jobs.

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