A walk in the cold

3 Jan

Today I went to Clumber Park, a National Trust owned park/lake/woodland (part of Sherwood Forest maybe? My geography and knowledge of Nottinghamshire are poor), with my parents.  It was a nice day out as it is such a lovely place to go for a walk, but it really was freezing cold.  The lake was completely iced over, causing me to be a smug student and start regaling my poor dad with tales of Wordsworth’s love of ice skating, ‘I’ve seen his ice skates, you know.’  Then again, as I had to contend with their love of birdwatching coming before their love of successful circulation to extremities, so I think I was owed a bit of irritating know-it-all behaviour.  No two people have ever stopped and peered into trees with binoculars as frequently as my parents, leaving me to hop from foot to foot and pace back and forth to stay alive.  I admit that I did fall victim to a bit of moaning akin to the sort I used to do aged 13 when dragged to a nature reserve every weekend – ‘God, just give me the keys, I’ll see you at the car, GOD!!!’ – but I enjoy it really.  I’m sure a lot of people my age couldn’t spot a tree creeper, so I am thankful for the knowledge.  But not today; it was far to cold to be appreciative.

Highlights of the trip included getting mugged by a gang of unruly mallards when I produced some bread for them (and my dad throwing his pieces of bread at me, putting me in the middle of a fully fledged mallard scrum) and a lovely fire coloured sunset visible through the trees.

[I really should just call this blog ‘Photographs taken on really crap cameras’ due to the quality of every image. I do have a real camera but it is in Newcastle, and unfortunately, I am not. I fear borrowing my dad’s as there is always a chance I will delete a photograph intended for his Civic Trust newsletter and be found months later buried under the patio. What I am trying to say here is that I know the pictures are rubbish and I am sorry.]

That isn’t me by the way.  I may have put on some ‘holiday weight’  like Ross Geller but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Plus, that lady’s outfit is far more outdoors-in-Winter appropriate than mine was, I hate you 100% acrylic jumper.  The sooner I can knit properly the better.

Lowlights of the day were the aforementioned cold, the fact that everyone we saw had a brilliant dog and I didn’t, and having to wee behind a yew tree.  I had hoped those days were behind me.

In a desperate attempt to stave off doing any work when I got in, I started reading India Knight’s Comfort and Joy, which is a little bit silly and very unacademic, but it reminds me of a contemporary Nancy Mitford, which I can’t help but enjoy.  I have a copy of A Fantasy of Reason: The Life and Thought of William Godwin next to me now though, so maybe there is hope for some progress before bedtime.  Never has a book looked less appealing; the cover is an ode to the colour brown and the innards not much better, but we shall see.

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