Spent a week in a dusty library

13 Jan

My life for the foreseeable future.  Having staggered deadlines seems like a dream when you read it on paper, but not so much when you realise that you basically have a sense of imminent doom for an entire month.  Put it this way, in case of emergency, I’m glad I’ve still got the Valium left over from the last time I flew and demonstrated admirable tranquillity. (Top Tip: take a travel sickness tablet and you will be so drowsy you will not notice that four hours have passed. I don’t even get travel sick.). I’ve set up camp in the lounge (we have a lounge desk) which is pretty much the most ideal workspace ever; lots of light, a radiator to put your feet on, and only a few paces from the kettle.  When I say workspace, obviously I mean ‘place to do work in 20 minute stints between looking at pictures on Cute Overload to cheer myself up.’ That’s another Top Tip – no one can be sad whilst looking at a picture of a kitten/puppy/duckling.

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