Another long Winter

21 Jan

Last week there was a brief period where our thermometer went out of the ‘hypothermia’ zone and blissfully loitered  between ‘comfortable’ and ‘warm’.  I went to the shop without a coat on.  I even moaned that it was too hot for my winter pyjamas (which are amazingly luxurious tartan ones that I got from my Gran for Christmas; I really need a photo).  I regret this whining now the bin lid is frozen shut and I can’t feel my toes indoors again.   I read in the paper over New Year that being a bit cold was really good for you – something, probably bullshit, about brown and white fat and how we are all so wimpy and warm that one of them stays around when it shouldn’t – so maybe I am going to live forever since I am always perishingly cold.  Rather than following any ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend that seems to be mostly prevalent in Newcastle on Friday and Saturday nights, I have started my own that I like to call ‘outdoorwear as indoorwear’ which mostly just involves not removing your scarf and gloves when you come in the house.

I don’t really have anything exciting to write about as my life is wholly unexciting at the moment.  I have my third and final deadline on Thursday and then I will be basking in my relatively free time until seminars begin the following week.  This semester promises to be far better than the last as I will not have to dedicate a month to things I’m not at all interested in, namely postcolonialism and diasporas.  HATE.  Except I am sure people are going to start asking difficult questions about my dissertation soon, and other than mumbling ‘Dorothy Wordsworth and….’ at them, I have no idea what to say. I will get thinking as soon as I have my final essay out of the way.  Speaking of which, I had this unpleasant exchange yesterday:

other student: have you started your next essay yet?
me: no… I think I am taking tomorrow off then starting it at the weekend.
her: hurrr hurrr it’s nice to hear from the NORMAL PEOPLE.
me: …. ha…

And this is why I often feel really, really inadequate.

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