Light Relief

22 Jan


Self portrait:

Reading: The Portable Dorothy Parker – AMAZING.  Even the cover design is wonderful.

Here is a sample poem:

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Should Heaven send me any son,
I hope he’s not like Tennyson.
I’d rather have him play a fiddle
Than rise and bow and speak an idyll.

Watching: Four episodes of Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals.  I love food programmes, and I think Jamie’s so nice and enthusiastic that I can’t help but get sucked in.  I’m not really too interested in all the Daily Mail style, ‘they just don’t take 30 minutes!’ furore.  They clearly do if you’re Jamie Oliver and own the most amazing food processor in the world, so he’s not exactly lying.  The recipes and set-piece dinners are all pretty simple yet impressive and I think people need to focus on that rather than timing their cooking.  The meals, from experience, are certainly a lot simpler and easier than other cookbooks I own.  And anyway, chopping things by hand may take a lot longer when preparing the meal, but it means you have to wash a knife and a chopping board, rather than every minute crevice of your blender, saving you time at the other end.  I just think there may be bigger issues in life than whether your dinner takes 30 or 45 minutes.

Embarrassing moment: getting accused of being a terrible bourgeois for shopping at Sainsbury’s today instead of Morrisons by my taxi driver.  I just couldn’t face a notoriously dreadful Saturday afternoon shop at the latter! Critique of my snobbery and low tolerance for fat people shopping in packs, shuffling around and blocking isles has no place in the back of a car, from a stranger.

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