The Selby is in your place

4 Feb

These are my favourite bits of my flat.  I feel sick when I think about having to move out, except when our consumptive next door neighbour starts coughing/retching like he is going to drop dead any second; then I feel a little less attached.  I’m a bit embarrassed by the fact I own more beauty products than books, but never mind.

I watched this film on iPlayer earlier today, which is yet another example of my staggering lack of productivity when not absolutely forced to do things.  It is called Cockles and Muscles (cringe) and is perfectly enjoyable in a ‘French farce’ sort of way.

I also watched Chloe, mostly because Julianne Moore is a massive babe and can do no wrong in my eyes.  The plot is pretty shitty and predictable, but who cares when there’s a Julianne Moore/Amanda Seyfried (who will always be Karen from Mean Girls in my eyes) sex scene.

My friend Stevie (responsible for revealing my bum cheeks to the world) has started a blog, and as he studies fashion, has a DSLR and lives in London, it is bound to be a lot better than mine.

Mike’s parents are arriving tomorrow for a long weekend in Newcastle, and we are hoping, as long as the weather stops being so foul, to go on a jaunt somewhere.  I am rooting for either Cragside or Alnwick Castle, otherwise known as Hogwarts. All the amazing places around Northumberland make me really wish we had a car/that I could drive.  Until I was about nine, my mum and dad used to take me on holiday to Berwick-upon -Tweed every year (a combination of an apartment owned by my mum’s company and their unwillingness to take me abroad lead to its enduring appeal), so I am always quite excited to revisit places I sort of remember from my childhood.  However, if the wind and rain prevail, I will be more than happy with a nice meal and copious amounts of red wine.


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