13 Mar

I’ve not written anything here for an absolute age, and I’m not really sure what my excuse is.  I’ve not been overwhelmingly busy, but I haven’t had a lot of spare time either.  I’ve had an awful lot of time-consuming reading, and the free time I do have is usually spent watching Glee, so it probably could be put to better use. [I’m not sure why I am pretending that Glee is something uncool that I don’t care about at all here, as I am such a huge FAN, and, since finding out that all the released music from the show is on Spotify,  have listened to little else.]

My plan is to just post lots of photographs and little bits of information, which will hopefully get me back out of the blogging mire, and back into something of an updating habit.

A few weeks ago, my dad emailed me some scanned-in photographs that had been found at my Grandma’s house.  My mum was sure that everything would have been disposed of, as apparently all the clothes she had stored there from her early twenties met a terrible fate, much to my wardrobe’s detriment, but miraculously about 60 photos were uncovered, and my dad chose some of the best to send to me.  Starting with the most recent:

Me, Christmas 1990, taking feeding a doll VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED.  It is also important to note that this photograph proves I wasn’t ginger from birth.

My mum’s passport photo, from 1975.  This photograph makes me sick, mostly because my passport photograph is abhorrent, but also because my mum is only two years older than I am now in this photo, and she looks like a glamorous hottie, whilst I still look like a spotty 15 year old.

This is my grandma, Violet, on the left, and her younger sister, Lily, and must have been taken somewhere between 1938-42.  This is my favourite of the photographs, because I have only really seen photographs where my grandma looks like a grandma, or at least middle aged, so this fascinates me.  I think she looks a lot like my mum.

I went to Dove Cottage yesterday, for the second time.  I first went in early November.  Let us compare and contrast my two trips:

November 2010: please note sunshine, thin jacket, and jolly expression.

March 2011: Wool coat, descending mists, pissing rain and wet feet.

Despite the miserable weather, I still had a good time with my friend Andrew, climbing hills in unsuitable shoes and pretending we were in a gothic novel, but with much cheerier expressions.

After this exciting weekend of school trips and drinks with new friends, settling down to write an essay before the end of the month is going to be something of an anticlimax.  But my current habit of starting my day by listening/miming along with actions to this will surely get me through.

Finally, I now have a Tumblr, click click.


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