3 Apr





It’s my birthday.  Here are photographs from my last four birthdays, or, a yearly hair-growing progress report, if birthday pictures aren’t your thing.  Anecdotes are my thing, so here are some birthday ones:

18: My friends Steph and Jess bought me the red balloons as we were all obsessed with Sex and the City at the time, and wanted to recreate Carrie’s birthday balloons  given to her by Mr Big.  Some absolute horror of a boy popped them with his cigarette when you were still allowed to smoke indoors, and I screamed in his face.  I was very drunk and silly and I seem to think there may have been tears before bedtime (always the way pre-18, the shame) and having to have a sit down at work the next day to stop myself from being sick.

19: Steph, Cakey, George and I went to Cleethorpes for the day, had fish and chips, and refused to be driven off the beach by the murky weather, which was far warmer than it looks here.  We had wine and birthday cake on the beach, and took lots of jumping photographs.  I think I probably said ‘best day everrrr’ about 100 times.  I was with Mike by this point, so I’m not sure why he wasn’t there.

20: I don’t remember very much at all about my 20th birthday, except that George seemed to have some wonderful Threshers (RIP) student discount vouchers, and we ended up drinking absolutely loads of nice Pinot Noir for very little money.  I think it may have ended in a silent disco which I hated.

21: Burst into tears several times throughout the day as I was a hormonal mess and also thoroughly depressed about reaching adulthood without achieving anything.  I think everyone got thoroughly sick of me.  You will be pleased to know that I rapidly got over it and grew a pair.

For my 22nd birthday I am going somewhere in Northumberland for a day out with friends, which is very much subject to change due to looming rain on the weather forecast, then invariably doing something wine related.  If all goes to pot, pub and cheap Chinese food it is, which would not be a problem.


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